Hello. I hope this book finds you well.

This book is currently being written.

As a non-daily rustacean - I am a daily TypeScript developer and UI designer -, coming back to Rust only from time to time is sometimes painful. I tend to forget how to code with Rust. Although it is a very nice language, it is also a complex and explicit language. There is a lot to keep in mind.

This little book is the book I want to always have with me when I code with Rust. Unfortunately, it will not cover everything about Rust but, for sure, enough to let you code any kind of high-level application. If you want to go unsafe and manage the memory yourself, this book will certainly not cover what you need. To be fair, at this level of understanding of the language, you probably do not need this book anyway. I will assume, though, that you have already coded before, at least with another C-like language. I hope this book will help you as much as I had fun writing it.

Cédric Eberhardt.

Don't hesitate to contribute if you are missing something or if I did a mistake, which is to expect, as I still consider myself as a Rust beginner. Thank you in advance for the help.

If you want to play a bit with Rust without installing it, there is a Rust Playground for that.

Inspiration and references